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Walking the Razor's Edge

On Jun 23, 2009 Ganoba Date wrote:

Cutting edge is a metaphor.

What does it signify?

What lies on either side of the edge?

It may be worthwhile clarifying these questions.

The edge is the interface between what we know and what we don't. It is subjective and personal. What we know is already in the past. What we do not know is our potential waiting to unfold. it would then be sensible to leave the known and go for the unknown.

 Because of ignorance about the nature of the edge we hold on to the known for dear life. This makes the edge a precepice, a razor's edge. 

If we realise this fact, it would be abundantly clear that it is foolish to walk on the edge.

Take off man/woman. There is nothing to lose but ignorance.

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