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    On Jun 30, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Vimalatai's  writing deeply resonates in my heart. Love gives birth to life, nourishes life and connects us with life in all forms. Such love is expressed in compassion for others, in kind and generous acts, wiping the tears of others, feeding the hungry and providing shelter. Sadly, the world created by the Divine hands has been converted into fighting zones, us against you, exploitation and destruction. We have been polluting air, water, food and sky-the sources of life- for our self-serving, profit making ends.These are signs and symptoms of the misuse of intelligence , energy and knowledge.

    Total love is needed to bring total revolution. We need to awaken ourselves and others as a humanity from this misery creating slumber. We need to have a balance between being and doing. If our doing is without the being consciousness -compassion, consideration and concerns for the life of others, our actions are going to be destructive, hurting us and others. Tooth for tooth, eye for eye or fire for fire is the mindset of destruction. We need to learn to relate to others not as objects to meet our self-centered needs but as an extension of our selves- from me to we.

    We have been blessed to to have people in our lives as models who have reached out and have lovingly touched the lives of others to lift them up. The world is still surviving because of their selfless love and service. In order to create, sustain and flourish such love revolutions, we all have to be a part of it. As the saying goes, charity begins at home but does not end it there. What can we do as parents, neighbors, teachers, students, politicians, social workers, corporate leaders, workers and religious leaders to create an inner environment that is rooted in unconditional love and compassion. This is real spiritual work

    I have learned how to create an inner environment for planting and nurturing the seeds of love, peace and service. This is my everyday spiritual practice which brings joy and fulfillment in my life. I share my awakening with school children at my daughter's Montessori school by teaching Mindfulness and Peace Education and Mindfulness Parenting. Work is my service and it brings great joy and happiness to me. I am sure there are many such awakened people who are doing such badly needed work. Our community religious centers and educational institutions need to face and embrace this great universal challenge.

    May we wake up, see the light and play our vital role in creating and participating the Total Revolution of Love.


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    On Jul 3, 2017 Mathew wrote:

    The subject is very relative and enforced.
    The LOVE which is real one will make changes min the Life of people..LOVE can make wonders and without LOVE we cannot develop Life in Fruitful way.
    I have too many experiences in my Life where and How the real LOVE works.
    I have a friend and and he has undergone an operation .The bleeding of wound is not reducing. Doctors given all medicines.The situation is going to verse .The patient is not confident he is worrying and thinking he will die .The Doctors asked the bye sitters that he has any clause friends that some body can change his thinkings.They asked the patient first he said NO but after some time he told I have friend but he is 2000 Km, away can I speak with Him. They have tried and they got me.. He started speaking continued and it took about four Hours.Doctors encouraged and the patients mind changed and the Bleeding stopped.For 15 days it was continued.The patient became confident and now after 22 years he is keeping fine.The Love is a magnetic Lantern which can change every thing at any time.
    We have a center to rehabilitate unwanted and needy people.2003 to 2005 it was functioning at NOCER GRAM near Mathil,Kannur Dt. of Kerala.It has 10 acres of Land and 27 buildings as a Training center. Here we have 30 People staying with us those who have nobody to Look after.The center fourced to close due to Labour Problems and financial Crisis.There are about 45 Employees working for the Training programmes.The closure of the center all people had gone but one person he is about 50 did not go from my side.I have no food or any money to .This person was every time with me.All told him to go and find some places.He said NO.I asked him requested him I have no money or FOOD he did not go from my side.After 8 Months I have to go from the place only this person moved to some places. I dont know where he had gone .I asked several times that why you are not going from my side ,he said you gave me protection for the Two years at that time he cant walk or do any thing with out others Help.Now you are in very bad situation all are Left But I cant leave you since you had treated me given food and shelter and now I am healthy I cant betray you.I think this is LOVE.
    LOVE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEMS in the world. We can LOVE EACH OTHER with out expecting any thing.
    M.V.Mathew(Ashoka Fellow)
    President and CEO NOCER-INDIA (

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