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Attachments Are Not Set in Stone

On Jun 24, 2017 david doane wrote:

 "Set in stone" means unchangeable.  Nothing is unchangeable or permanent, including our attachments.  As a child I learned a lot that I thought was the truth, set in stone, that I was very attached to.  It was in my twenties that I began to consider other viewpoints, began to question and detach from old 'truths' and began to attach to new 'truths.'  And the process goes on.  I've come to believe that attachments are unhealthy and the source of unnecessary pain, and as far as I know, my present attachments are not set in stone -- they are more like stepping stones, and they and I are evolving.  I don't have any set in stone attachments.  As for therapy, therapy means to heal.  Actually no one can heal me but me, and in that sense I am my own therapist -- others can facilitate, and such persons are therapists for me.  I suppose the person who has no one but himself or herself as therapist has a fool for a patient.  My own psychotherapy helps me be my own therapist.  Various people and experiences in my life are therapeutic for me and help me be my own therapist.  Now I can allow many people to be therapeutic for me, usually without their even knowing, and that capacity helps me be my own therapist.

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