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Attunement: an Agendaless Presence

On May 17, 2009 Kanchan wrote:

I love this ijourney posting. Definitely my favorite. So important in todays age of mobile devices and multitasking. I realise that it is very easy to be present without an agenda and give my full attention when I am meeting someone for the first time. However, once I think I "know" :) someone, I tend to assume more and react more. Attunement becomes a little difficult :)

On Jul 31, 2018 Damilola Fasoranti wrote:

 I  guess this happens to a lot of us, we give attention when we meet people for the first time, then later that we have assumed we know them, we don't give 100% attention when they speak. That means we may need to be intentional in still listening attentively to people that we have known for ages.


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