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    On Jun 15, 2017 Kapil wrote:

     Awake: A Wake - In fluid dynamics a wake is a region of recirculating flow immediately behind a moving or stationary blunt body, that is accompanied by separation or turbulence.
    We may be (a wake) when driven (moving with purpose) or (a wake) when we are still and stationary like a blunt body and observing the flow of life in/out. Its then we can begin to see the separation or turbulence being caused each moment. If we are not observant at the source, then when we realize we are (a wake) we may have gone far away. See the photo of a wake caused in the ocean to get a good idea. Some say the mind is like the ocean. Then being awake (a wake) observing the constant incessant creation of waves and their spread.

    As I look inwards I find there is a third dimension. As I begin to awake to the nature of my mind, I find that though I am still, why is it that there are continuous wakes occurring. I would like for the waters to calm down. Then I realize that waves are caused due to the blowing of the wind and the wind is caused due to the heat. As the observing mind (the sun) shines down intensely on the ocean of my own mind and body, the air slows down, because it is just rising upwards with the water vapor.  There is intense calmness and very few wakes are formed. I am (a wake) but in a different sense. I am awake to everything that is happening. I feel alight, yet there is nothing to do then to be alight.

    I find this sort of awakening to be my deepest self. I allows me to be around people, engaging with them, listening, talking etc. Yet because there is so much heat of observation, there is an intense low pressure within. The winds can blow in from all directions, yet they immediately rise up. This allows for the clouds of rain to form. For the others too to experience being at the source of things.

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