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Be Alight with Who We Are

On Jun 12, 2017 david doane wrote:

 There is always purpose in being, but not always being in purpose.  So true.  I agree with Hegedus that our purpose is to passionately be who we are and let go of trying to accomplish some purpose.  Pursuit of a purpose often compromises our self.  In passionately being who we are, we are not competing, not comparing, not goal directed, and we are being true to ourselves and performing action that is right action in the moment.  I have had moments when my speech or action has been fully in synchrony with my real self, not purpose oriented, and I am alight with who I am at my core.  What helps me live fully and be alight with who I am is knowing that I am happiest when I engage in my right process and action and let go of concern about outcome.  It is the opposite extreme of being political.

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