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Big Enough to Take It All In

On Jun 2, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

From evolutionary point of view, the brain is wired to fight, flee or freeze for protecting ourselves. In this context, fear is an instinctive response for our survival and security. The fear mentioned in this writing is psychological created by human conditioning. The conditioned mind reacts to a perceived stimulus and makes us resist, oppose, run away, hide or deny. Such dysfunctional patterns of perceiving, thinking and behaving block our potential to see things as they are externally and internally. Sadly, these patterns become habitual and block our growth and development
personally and interpersonally.

" To want to see clearly is a true act of fearlessness." This statement says it all. When my eyes open to  see my own suffering as it is, the gate to working on my suffering opens. I need to see my blindness with an open mind and heart,  courageously and compassionately. Such mindfulness seeing is not an analytical intellectual process. Mindfulness is observing without judgment what I am experiencing in the here and now consciousness, in the present moment. The mind gets free from holding onto the past and being hijacked by the future, from regrets, anger, shame, humiliation and guilt or from fear, worry, apprehension and anxiety.  The present moment has no clouds or shadows blocking the light of knowing which removes the darkness.

Mindfulness has been my way of working on myself. Mindfulness meditation has helped me to discover and meet my true self. It has opened the door of my life for receiving blessings coming from everywhere. I am very grateful for receiving such blessings.

May we cultivate fearlessness and mindfulness to live a blissful and joyful life!


Jagdish P Dave

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