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Is There Righteous Anger Ever?

On May 26, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 Anger is a challenge for me: it is an emotion I was forbidden to express as a child/teen and it seems to come out now rarely and perhaps most often as tears or even as depression which is often referred to as "anger turned inward." I think with all feelings it can be healthy to say: feelings are feelings, they just are, however how we choose to ACT on them is very very important and what narrative are we creating about our feelings? Good to reflect. <3 Recently I had a wave of anger surface as I contemplated sexual molestation experienced as a young child. I am not angry at the perpetrators, they are sick, I was momentarily angry at the prospect of processing another trauma on top of several others. And then it quickly transformed into "what can I learn from this?" How can I move forward in as healthy a way as possible? This is how I try to move through any experience. Freeing self from any emotion is realizing "this too shall pass" I hope this serves someone else to be gentle with themselves. Hug <3 

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