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Is There Righteous Anger Ever?

On May 26, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 A very wise statement by J.Krishnamurti. As I understand, anger is anger, righteous or unrighteous. Anger burns us and burns others. As far as I am concerned I do not intend and want to burn myself and do not intend and want to throw my fire on  others whether they are my kinsmen or others. It is my conviction based on my experience that anger causes more anger and violence causes more violence.

Anger arises in me when I judge or condemn myself. The same way anger arises in the other person when I judge or condemn the other person. The same  thing happens the other way around.

How do we end the cycle of anger? Not by denying it or by justifying it. Both ways perpetuate the cycle of anger. It does not end by preaching you should not be angry.
Practicing mindfulness in all contexts of life has been immensely helpful to me. Mindfulness is  intentionally paying my non-judgmental attention to what is happening in me and around me. It is very helpful to pause between the anger generating stimulus and our habitual and automatic response. Taking deep breaths helps me to remain calm and centered and from that place within me the right, the wise, response arises. Such  a mindfulness practice frees me from the grip of conceptual and sociological analysis of anger.

When the mind is calm, open and centered, the right kind of inquiry arises in the mind which helps me to understand the intra and interpersonal dynamics of anger. The inner light helps me to process the inner and outer clouds of destructive emotions.

May we be mindful of the arising of hurting thoughts and emotions in our mind and make wise choices!


Jagdish P Dave



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