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Knowledge can be Conveyed, but not Wisdom

On May 16, 2017 carol Ruth Silver wrote:

Until my grandsons reached an age of reason I thought that I was giving them something useful, imparting wisdom.  But now I realize that all my efforts were an attempt only to impart knowledge, which from me they discount.  How can I help them to find wisdom? Silence is not the answer, because the roar of others is so loud, often with evil and banal content. Perhaps by exemplary conduct?  Look at me, I can say.  But will they see, hear, speak? Only in dialog does new truth, new insight emerge.  And perhaps wisdom.  

On May 20, 2017 Cheryl rose wrote:

I don't know the age of your grandsons, but the brain does not reach it's fully functioning maturity until the early twenties. Prior to that education is teaching the brain to retain and regurgitate learning.  Also there is an aspect of "truth doesn't transfer". What is significant to you may be meaningless to them.  With my own grandchild, I try to ask how they perceive a story or experience and share how I do, then hopefully a dialog ensues and they at least learn to express their beliefs and entertain yours.


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