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What to Remember When Waking

On May 10, 2017 Shant Joti wrote:

 Looking for the gift I thought I had lost... a joy so pure, such a happy child.. some 50 years passed, glimpses of it passed through my heart as thee most part was what we. All fun. I started looking for it... a lot of writing. Early every morning, many white pages  and a lot of deep breathing... which were where I found my joy. 
I did start writing and published but my writing is not polished. Even more joy when I realized that this 40 day coaching is excellent to get all the procrastination out and then get a good laugh at yourself and gratefully breathe . You see, English is not my first language. So I understood that one needs to get the joy out of each breath... from the first one of the day. Thank you David Whyte.

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