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True Humility: Selfless Respect for Reality

On May 9, 2017 Ramanand Kowta wrote:

 NAMASTE - is the Indian gesture of the Host welcoming a Guest. He unites the palms and gently bows and Receives/Includes the Guest without invasion/intrusion. The Sanskrit word NAMASTE can be explained as the union of NA(not) MAMAHA(me) TE(you). The Host is Humble enough to elevate the Guest. Humility is the BASIS of Service and Hospitality. The Guest is defined as A-TITHEE i.e Un - Appointed.Anything/ANYBODY can visit us ANY MOMENTwithout an Appointment. So, Everything and Everybody IS A GUEST. They also say ' The GUEST is GOD.( Atithee Devo Bhava ). So, ALL is part of Creation- with all the Opposites. The practice of NAMASTE - even by yourself -whenever and wherever begins to help us ' ACCEPT' the Existence AS IT IS-HERE AND NOW ! One can experience it by sitting with our eyes closed and the hands in a NAMASTE  and watch the Breath.Every Exhalation is GIVING and every Inhalation is ACCEPTANCE. In your mind, say                                                                                 EXHALATION -- THANK YOU                                                                                                                                          INHALATION  -- EVERYTHING,                                                                                                                  EXHALATION  - THANK YOU                                                                                                                                           INHALATION  EVERYBODY                                                                                                                                              EXHALATION  --THANK YOU                                                                  INHALATION - NOW ..                                     EXHALATION -THANK YOU                                                                    INHALATION  - HERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

On May 9, 2017 Vandana Dillon wrote:

 I love this! I will use it in my yoga class today for Relaxation/ Meditation. Thank you! Namaste 

On Sep 28, 2018 Ramanand Kowta wrote:

 Namaste Vandanaji, If you ever are in Mumbai, please give me a call on 9892910023 and you can ' experience ' the Elephanta Caves in my company as a Guide. The Symbolic stories of Shiva will further enlighten you about the Depth of Namaste . 


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