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True Humility: Selfless Respect for Reality

On May 7, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 This writing has deepened and enriched my understanding of humility as "selfless respect for reality." When my sense of my self is engulfed by my arrogance and  my sense of  superiority, I get disconnected with my being, with other beings and life at large. The essence of my being is the same as the essence of all beings. The drop is the ocean. I am an integral part of the whole. Such realization makes me aware of my illusion of separateness, dispels the darkness of my ignorance, heals my self- inflicted wounds.Such an awakening makes me whole. This is real humility. It expands my awareness. It emboldens me and makes me virtuous.

Humility is not humiliating oneself or putting oneself down. It is not self degradation or self condemnation. It is an acknowledgment of our cosmic insignificance, ridding ourselves of  our false sense of self-glorification and arrogance. This is the first movement. In the second movement we embrace our cosmic insignificance. We become frightfully honest and authentic with ourselves. It is like a rebirth of oneself. This leads us to the third movement, a movement of self expansion, self enrichment and self fulfillment. Such expanding self awareness brings blessing to oneself and to others.

I am going through this journey. It is a joyous and fulfilling journey and I am grateful to my spiritual teachers for awakening me and guiding me.


Jagdish P Dave

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