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True Humility: Selfless Respect for Reality

On May 7, 2017 david doane wrote:

The word humility is derived from humous, suggesting that we are part of this earth and not apart from it.  I am truly humble when I am being myself simply because I am and not for any ego driven agenda.  As the author said, humility is selfless respect for reality.  Being someone who tends to downplay myself, which is a form of false humility, I have experienced true humility when I am honestly owning up to who and what I am. The sun shines for no purpose -- it shines because that is its nature, it's being humble in human terms, and in so doing all sorts of benefits occur.  When I accept and be myself because that is my nature, I am humble like the sun, and in the process I am more integrated and whole, which is healing or therapeutic, and do the most good for others.  As has been said, humility isn't thinking less of oneself but thinking of one's self less.  Being humble isn't a form of therapy, but it is always therapeutic.

On May 9, 2017 kul dip wrote:

 If you want to be decent humility is indispensable


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