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Wonder of the Universe is Wondering In Us

On Apr 21, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

We live in two universes: the universe within and the universe without.Since the dawn of life, we as human beings have been wondering about  these two universes. We ask the core question; Who I am I? We look within and understand  different layers of I- physical, mental, emotional and relational.When we do not identify ourselves with the changing scenario of the I, the knowing of the I manifests. And this I is beyond time and space. It is universal and eternal. Until we realize that I, our wondering will continue,

The cosmos, the Universe is like the inner soul-the Cosmic I, the Universal I.. We have been expanding our knowledge and understanding of the Cosmos, the Universe.We as the inhabitants of this Universe are wondering about it and making space explorations.When we become aware of the vastness of this expanding Universe and compare it with the planet earth, we as human beings feel very humble. And when we look at ourselves with this cosmic lens, we realize how little is  our egoic self..

Such inner inquiries awaken me and I feel released and liberated from the little cage I live in. It seems to me that the essence of the inner world and the outer world is the same, beyond the conceptual lenses we may use to understand these two worlds. It feels like a mystery, a wonderment. I sense it when my mind ceases to wander. It gets still and remain open and clear like the blue sky.

May we be free from the bondage we create by ourselves and relate to the expanding inner and outer world!


Jagdish P Dave

On Apr 25, 2017 Ronald wrote:


On Apr 26, 2017 Rajeev wrote:

 How wonderfully written.. Thanks for it


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