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Touching the Earth

On Apr 15, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 We all are journeying. Life is a journey. The upward path of our life journey is not always easy. We encounter hazards that may thwart our upward journey. We may fall down and fail. We may get overwhelmed. We may go through fear, worry and anxiety. We may feel like we are losing the ground. The temptations may allure us. And we may succumb to them. But we build up our inner strength, get up and keep moving on the upward path.

I have been a traveler on this path for a long time. And I have encountered small and big difficulties. I have been practicing Mindfulness Meditation which has kept me grounded, steadfast and awakened. I have fallen down and I have gotten up. Mindfulness practices have created inner strength in me to continue my upward journey.

I see my original face when I remove the veil of my self-focused thoughts and cravings. I hear my original voice when I become still and hear the sound of silence. I feel full and complete. Nothing is missing. I feel  like a child nurtured by the Mother Earth.Life is a mystery and a miracle. My heart gets filled with joy, humbleness, and gratitude.

May we remain awakened to see the Divine Light that shines  everywhere and all the time!


Jagdish P Dave

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