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We Were Made for These Times

On Apr 9, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 We as human beings experience the dark night of the soul, individually and collectively. The  ancient world epics like  Ramayana and Mahabharata, Odessa and Iliad depict the dark and the bright side of us as human beings.Lots of destruction and damage to nature and to human beings have been done by us. We witness such acts of violence done to nature and to us as humans by the advanced countries in the world. There are also living examples of people who are devoted to doing the greater good, even at the cost of their lives. This is what Jesus did, what Mahatma Gandhi did, what Martin Luther did what Nelson Mandela did.

I introspect and examine my inner landscape. I do find myself hurting some one, blaming someone for my misery and not being truthful. It is a journey of life with twists and turns, with dark clouds and sunshine. peaks and valleys and thorns and flowers. I have accepted myself as a human being and I have been learning to be kind to myself and learn from my fall downs. There is that Human in me and there is that Being in me. The Being in me enlightens me and helps me walk on the right path. I am very grateful to my spiritual teachers who have shone me the path of living right, held my hand when I fell down and helped me with compassion to rise up and continue my journey.

So, let us not our consciousness be filled with the dark clouds of gloom and doom, but enkindle the light within to walk with hope, courage, and compassion.

May we join our hands, heads and hearts as we travel together with hope, courage and compassion!


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