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We Were Made for These Times

On Apr 8, 2017 david doane wrote:

 Rage is rage.  There is no righteous rage, like there is no just war.  I don't think we have been learning, practicing, training for and waiting for this plain of engagement.  We have been living and learning and have whatever skills and wisdom we have to deal with what's happening.  I agree there are a lot of awakened souls that are sea worthy and may hold their own.  I appreciate the author's optimism -- I hope she's right.  Submitting to a voice greater doesn't mean necessarily that we'll mend anything or reach an enduring good or bring justice and peace.  I fully believe that we are to get out into the open sea, and I'm all for standing up on deck and showing one's soul and shining like gold, and doing what is within our reach, all of which is our right and responsibility and may be an act of immense bravery and greatest necessity, and may inspire other souls.  Maybe we will hit critical mass and tip toward enduring good.  I also full believe there is no guaranteed outcome.  We may withstand storms and flourish -- I hope we do.  I also know the ship may sink.  That's not at all reason to despair -- it's simply being realistic.

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