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We Were Made for These Times

On Apr 7, 2017 susan schaller wrote:

So grateful for this.  Daily I question what I am doing in what looks like the middle of nowhere in rural, cold N. Idaho where I want to grow food.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of wildlife, cold weather and dark days combating efforts to grow more than weeds. This article underlined the reminder that the future is none of my business.  My only job is to prepare and show up, whether to build a deer fence, weed or assist a neighbor. 

Tolkien had such a succinct summary of this article, via Gandalf to overwhelmed Frodo (which I can only paraphrase): We cannot decide what time we are born into. We can only decide what to do with the time given us.  The operative word is "do."  Action, as in sailing or steaming ahead against the waves, like a great ship, is life, not staying inactive, thinking about life.  And, the great news is the fleet I join, in action, on the majestic sea.

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