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The Way of the Water

On Apr 3, 2017 Suchitra wrote:

 A wonderful dimension regarding the qualities of water. Nature is always speaking to us in volumes which can be heard in the gentle gurgling of river water, the roaring water falls, splashing sea waves, gentle breeze, thundering lightning, cool breeze to scorching heat. We have to acknowledge that all are essential components of nature destined to do their duties according to the laws of nature and seasons. We should learn to visualize the ever changing nature in all its "finery and fiery", because "IT IS SO". Similarly we humans must learn to adapt to the situations because life is meant to be lived and to be appreciated and not to be analyzed, because "IT IS SO". 

On Apr 7, 2017 Again, amen! wrote:

 Thank You, God ... Creator of all nature!  You speak to me through water, light, thunder ... .  Yesterday, You hugged me through Your Power of the wind!  It IS so!  


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