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The Way of the Water

On Apr 3, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 The Way is indescribable in words.It is like pointing fingers towards the moon but not seeing the moon.When we are in the flow, we become the flow.And such flows are experienced in many contexts and in many ways. When I am fully immersed in something or with somebody, I lose my sense of separateness. There are no two-there is only one.The ancient Vedanta philosophy describes it as advaita-not two.

I experience such oneness when I am in a deep meditative state where the two banks of the river-this and that, me and you, right and wrong get dissolved into one flow of river; where the small self , the egoic- self, vanishes and the Universal Self unfolds.It is like soul meeting  the soul and merging into one other. I have such experience when  take a walk in nature where everything is connected with everything.I sense and feel harmony.

We all are born with the potential to realize the Self. I have been blessed to be in the  presence of such self realized people.For them the Kingdom of Heaven is right her and now in its full glory and majesty. We need to be awakened from the trance of separateness and go back to our universal home which is inside all of us.

May we go beyond our small self and be open and awakened to expand our consciousness!


Jagdish P Dave


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