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We Are Swimming in Miracles

On Mar 30, 2017 brinda wrote:

 I feel like we are swimming in miracles every time I see a tree and I think about the biology of energy transformation. Another "aha" moment was during a busy day at work when I was using the hand dryer in the bathroom after washing my hands. I was rubbing my hands together and all of a sudden I was so in the moment of awareness of my skin and hands, I couldn't help but feel an amazing sense of awe....of all that these hands have done and all they can do....I only need to rub my hands together to feel this amazement again....think about it....and I hope you will feel it too. Of course the entire fact of our existence is a miracle as well. Every moment, every inch of our world is a miracle. There are tiny invisble microbes doing work for you right now that you are not even aware of--in so many different ways. We are all interconnected, from the tiniest bacteria or virus to the tallest tree. 
Stopping for a moment is all that's needed to recognize the miracles in everyday life. 

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