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I-It and I-Thou

On Mar 14, 2017 Soni wrote:

 This rings so true.... and it adds to my learning of last week when reading What makes you NOT a Buddhist - by Dzongasar Jamyang Khyentse. 

In this book, the Tibetian practitioner-monk-teacher-writer describes the four noble truths in his own words to interpret for the modern world :
First one is written as "All compounded / fabricated things are impermanent. "Compounded//fabricated" meaning anything that arises when two things, persons, thoughts, actions, meet. So also in relationships. 

And before that : everything is emptiness.

I-Thou moments would correspond to the present moments there is nothing coming between and there is 100% empathy and understanding between souls.

The day-to-day experiences of people : quick jumping to analysis, categorizing and boxing of judgments is indeed an I-IT phenomenon.

It was an OMG moment for me when I read this... because in such moments essentially we destroy human-ness of "others" into item-ness most of the time without awareness.

Thank you for this --- to watch out for.

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