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I-It and I-Thou

On Mar 12, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

Life is a web of relationships. Some are  I-It  relationships. They are utilitarian,pragmatic and self-serving. Such relationships are shallow leaving no  nourishing deep roots of memory in our mind. I have had such relationships leaving no worth- remembering deep traces behind.

I cherish I-Thou relationships. It is a relationship between two genuine  and deeply caring beings. It has openness, trust,  and compassion. I have been blessed to have such deep relationships with my parents, family members, a few friends and my soul mate. Such relationships have made me a whole and wholesome person. Such relationships have been blessings to me and I am deeply grateful for such blessings.

May we  keep our mind and heart  open to cultivate such I-Thou relationships!


Jagdish P Dave

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