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A Scheme to Change the World?

On Feb 24, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 There are two worlds I (and we) live in: The world which has more darkness than light and also the world which has more light than darkness. I can talk about my world more authentically than the world of others.What are the two major components of my inner world?:The kind of world I really like and love to create and live in.It is a world filled with light and love, a world graced by kindness, forgiveness, truth, gratitude, generosity and compassion. Then there is another inner world with my ambitions, needs, and desires and my likes and dislikes. The challenge for me is to strike a dynamic balance.

My life long work and challenge has been to build  a realistic and constructive bridge between the two worlds. Can I serve myself and others? Can I take care of myself and others in my life? I do not aspire to be a martyr or  a an unkind self-serving narcissist. The more I introspect and remain aware of the self created imbalance between these two apparently opposite perspectives, the less I go through self-hurting or other-hurting wishes, desires and behaviors. To me, life is an ongoing journey of maintaining the balanced flow between these two valances.Living life this way has made me a better person and a happier person. Living this way is like maintaining the flow of the river of life between the two banks.

May I maintain a wholesome balance between the two poles of existence! May others live a balanced and happy life!


Jagdish P Dave

On Mar 3, 2017 Jo wrote:



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