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Praise Song for Wide Open Space

On Feb 10, 2017 david doane wrote:

I love the wide open spaces.  I just came in from outside looking at the enormous starless sky with a giant full moon -- I felt awe and gratitude.  I spontaneously thanked God.  I remember being in Montana a year or so ago and looking out over an enormous terrain and a big sky that seemed endless (and maybe is), and again felt awe.  In both situations, I forgot about the microdramas of life and appreciated the cosmos and my being part of it.  I felt alive and had a sense of being part of a huge interconnected miracle.  I breathed deep and took it in and didn't want the moment to end.  For me, it was a spiritual moment beyond space and time.  Those kind of glorious experiences of taking in and feeling part of a miraculous cosmos help me remember to be open to more such glorious moments.

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