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    On Jan 29, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I deeply value such reflective writings. They evoke deep thinking in me and I am very grateful to Awakin for giving such gifts to me and others. Here are my reflections on this reflective writing.

    We all who are born are journeying from womb to tomb, from the first breath to the last breath.The question is how awakened and conscious we are as we are aging every moment?Are we present to ourselves, to others and to the surroundings or are we half present or absent to what is happening? Am I aware of the fact that my inhalation is accompanied by my exhalation? Awakening and awareness are the foundations for me to live fully. Awareness of death-the tomb-makes me realize the value of living my life wisely.

    Am I living my life purposefully and meaningfully? What is the purpose of my living and how am I realizing this purpose? These are foundational questions for me. The purpose of my life is to live a good life, a happy life that brings goodness and happiness not only in me but in others connected with me. What am I doing that unfolds goodness within me and gets me connected with others? What am I doing that brings happiness in me and in others? When I am engaged in doing  meaningful activities that are attuned to the purpose of my living I feel happy and good.

    I would like to conclude my reflections by quoting the last two sentences of this thought evoking writing: 
    " We distinguish between purpose and meaning not in order to separate the two but in order to unite them. Our goal is to let meaning flow into our purposeful activities by focusing activity and passivity into genuine responsiveness."

    Let our daily life be a monastery by incorporating the Benedictine Rule! Namaste!

    Jagdish P Dave

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