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Letting Meaning Flow Into Purpose

On Jan 28, 2017 david doane wrote:

As Steindl-Rast says, purposeful and meaningful are different and can be united.  Purposeful means goal-directed, having a goal that I want to accomplish.  Meaningful means something has significance to me.  I can be purposeful about something that is meaningless to me.  Something can be meaningful to me and I do nothing about it.  Meaningful and purposeful are united when I am purposeful or goal-directed about something that is meaningful or significant to me.  I don't know of a personal near death experience, other than everyday living, but my wife was very near death, and my responsiveness was probably greatly selfish as I was sad and scared as I wanted her to continue to be bodily with me, and worried about my being without her.  She lived, is well, and we go on, I am happy to say.  For me, death precipitates thinking about what is meaningful to me, what it is I want to do, and stirs some urgency to be more purposeful about what is meaningful to me as I am more sharply aware that the big death is coming closer every day.

On Jan 28, 2017 Amy wrote:

 The big death is actually the beginning of life!  Until born to Him, I have yet to live!  (We are never bodily apart from those we love)

On Jan 31, 2017 david doane wrote:

 Actually, Amy, we may never be apart spiritually from others, but bodily is one way we are often apart from others. 


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