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My Misgivings About Advice

On Jan 21, 2017 david doane wrote:

 I think of things like "the nature cure" ie "Why don't you go outside and enjoy the sunshine?" and "self-image sprucing" ie "Why so down on yourself?  You've helped so many people?" as friendly well-intentioned advice and encouragement that  typically are just pablum, minimally nourishing or helpful.  Witnessing as being fully with the other, present, attentive and actively listening, is important for the soul, providing the space to become.  We are born, heal, evolve, grow, transform from inside out.  No one does it to us or for us.  We have the resources within, and witnessing can support and allow the process.  Sometimes witnessing is more than enough, and sometimes additional skillful intervention is very helpful or necessary.  I've seen both situations.  What helps me stay rooted in being a witness in the face of intense suffering is knowing that witnessing in and of itself is powerful medicine, is nurturing and healing, and if more is needed, witnessing can be the container in which additional skillful intervention is tolerable and successful.  Witnessing and the right intervention can be a valuable combination.

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