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Theory and Practice

On Jan 17, 2017 Kate Sutherland wrote:

I'm very grateful for this wonderfully articulate statement about the importance of both theory and practice. I have loved the quote from Kurt Lewin: "There is nothing so practical as a good theory." I personally amend this to say, "There is nothing so practical as the interplay of several good theories." We get a more complete picture when the blind spots in one framework are illuminated by the different perspectives of other frameworks. In my work I share the gems from Appreciative Inquiry, Trust Theory, Chaordic Design, Integral Theory, Theory U, Process Oriented Psychology and many others "lenses". The theories help others to see more dimensions and nuances in any given situation, and therefore to navigate better. I also think exposure to these theories is a potent way to grow consciousness: Our perception can shift profoundly and quickly thanks to the pointers that are at the heart of any good theory: As in, "This distinction is important/helpful." "Look here."

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