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Theory and Practice

On Jan 14, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 According to my understanding theory and practice are two wings of the bird of living. Our thinking mind asks questions about what and why.Such explorations provide a theoretical  foundations for application, action and practice. Without practice and experience, only theoretical knowledge or information does not have the taste of life.

I am very particular and careful about what I am putting into my mouth. I know food is medicine. I need to know and want to know what is good, nutritional and wholesome food. And I want to know the benefits of such food. But unless I put such information in practice, what good does it do? My grandson and I took an online course on Plant-based nutritional whole food course. The course offered very valuable scientific information. We were convinced and made a few changes in our diet.The action  has sharpened our appetite to know more about diet and nutrition.

I am taking another online course on Science of Happiness. What is happiness? Why should we know about happiness? What are the benefits of living happily? It is up to me and others like me taking this course to apply what we learn from this course.

May we cultivate wisdom to live a fulfilling and growing life!


Jagdish P Dave

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