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Medicine for the Earth

On Jan 5, 2017 Patjos wrote:

I felt my world change. There have been two occasions in my life where I have ‘heard’ an inner voice (is this the truest me away deep down within myself?) and it has led to ‘becoming’. I am still becoming. I lived surrounded by family and friends, colleagues and teachers and yet I know now that I was living very much alone. I was surrounded by Love and yet my own fears were what I held closest to me. I smiled at Love and politely said ‘Thank you’ but I never let it in. Yes, on the outside it looked as if I had accepted Love, but I’d never even embraced it, never mind letting it permeate me so as to become one with my being (being Love). So dire was my predicament that I had no choice but to let that Love in or to die. However, just the very fact that I had heard my inner voice was all that I needed in order to move forward, for that voice was also my strength, my very real strength, my true courage and my guiding Light. Yes, as Abhishek has said, before the womb the heartfelt desire, the true seed must be planted. So it is with the Cry of the Earth, we have heard this heartfelt desire, this seed planted within us. We listen to it and find we already have all that we need, our courage within our midst, our strength within our togetherness, our Guiding Light already present in our collective hearts as it has always been throughout the ages. My world has changed, these days I am not so much I as We. Our world has changed, we have all we need to go forward together.

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