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On Jan 2, 2017 david doane wrote:

I very much appreciate Sandra Ingerman's message.  As she says, everything that manifests in the physical world starts in the invisible realm of spirit.  Inside is our being, and outside is our doing.  Doing is an expression of our being.  Real and lasting change in doing is accomplished through change in being.  Substantial change is from inside out.  In learning this, my world view changed.  A major part of the change for me was in regards to responsibility.  I am responsible for my happiness and unhappiness, which are the result of my way of being and not of what befalls me from outside.  I learned if I'm not happy and want to be happy, I need to change me within and not just my outside.  Change in my external behavior may facilitate change within, but it's only when I change from within that I really change.  Knowing that my doing is the manifestation of my inner being helps me be mindful of the being in the doing.

On Feb 26, 2017 sana wrote:

 It is better to save and use things perfectly.


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