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Medicine for the Earth

On Jan 1, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I am grateful to get such tapping on my shoulder to remain awake. Such tapping turns my life into  a pilgrimage. My everyday becomes a holy day, a Buddha Day, a Christ Day, a Krishna Day.It awakens me to see the light that is always there.

The seen is born in the womb of the unseen.When I get so much caught up in the seen world I tend to forget and become oblivious of the unseen yet always present ,the ground of existence, I get entangled in the web of Maya,the illusion.

The spiritual journey as I understand is a process of keeping my inner eyes open to see the unseen, to keep my inner ears open to hear the sound of  the eternal silence. When I come to realize this truth, I feel oneness in manyness.

Transformation, alchemy, takes place when we get connected with the invisible ground of existence, the Being, the Self. We come home. When I deviate from this path, I pause, breathe,wake up and see the light.

May we make our life journey a pilgrimage and relate to each other as children of love and light!


Jagdish P Dave

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