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How to Live If You're Going to Die

On Dec 10, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I know what is born is going to die. There is a connecting line between the two points-the line of life. The two points, birth and death, are beyond my control. I can make a choice how to live my life  knowing and accepting the fact that I am aging everyday, knowing that I am going to have more pain in my growing body and a day may  come when I may not be able to walk. As I am going through these changes, I am accepting them gracefully. I love living, taking care of myself as a whole being, serving others and filling the cup of my life with , love,joy, happiness and gratitude.

I accept myself as a human being with its frailties and follies, ups and downs and turns and twists- plays taking place in the doing zone. When I witness the plays of the doing zone, I move into my being zone, the zone of awareness, that keeps me centered and balanced and freed me from my self-created pain and pleasure cycle. I feel at peace with myself and feel the fullness of the flow of the here and now.

Four years ago,  Vanleela, my better half passed away. All the members of our family were watching with sadness the last hours of her passing away.She opened her eyes with a smile on her face. She looked at everybody standing in front of her, and said these last words, "Is everybody OK?" She died the way she lived her life, caring for others, serving others joyfully.These  last words came from her being zone touching the heart of everyone standing in front of her. Her life was a message and her death also was a message.

It is up to us how to live our life-the line between birth and death.

May we all remain awake as we are going through the journey of our life offering gifts of love and joy to ourselves and to others!


Jagdish P Dave

On Dec 12, 2016 Patjos wrote:



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