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Recognizing the Real Fear

On Jan 27, 2009 patsy wrote:

i have found that increasing faith in the rightness of god's plan for me brings freedom from fear. this is the greatest freedom i have known thus far in my life. for those times when my faith is not enough to banish fear from my thoughts, i must find courage to act with trust, even though i do not trust. i do not think this battle will ever be finished in this lifetime (for what else is the purpose of this lifetime?); but for every moment i am able to live in trust, and especially trust without fear, i have lived a complete moment. with every moment i decide not to be in control, but to cede control, with (or even without) complete trust, to the one who knows so much more than i - in such moments do i lighten my feet on the earth. oh, how i strive to achieve more of these moments of freedom and lightness. . . .

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