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Love Needs to be Constantly Cleansed

On Nov 19, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 It has been my experience that pure love brings peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment. It has helped me grow and expand. It  has also helped the other connected with me grow and expand.Love keeps the tree of life green and flourish.

It has also been my experience that craving to possess and to control the other in intimate relationships causes suffering. Such suffering has helped me to reflect on me, awaken me  and is has created deeper bonding. Such love showers flowers of joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment. When love gets soiled by selfish desires and cravings, we need to cleanse the dust before it gets dense and heavy.

It is my conviction that when I wake up from my self-created suffering, the light of love dawns upon me and makes me free from my own bondage. Such awakening demands courage to be true to oneself and to the other.

May we wake up from our self-created suffering and be grateful to receive the blessings of pure love!

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