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Why I Make Movies

On Nov 9, 2016 Micky wrote:

"Can you share an experience when the honest witness deep inside you tingled?"  Yesterday in a conversation with my mom, I was telling her what I believed was happening in a place I had never visited.  Yet based on listening, reading and watching, I came to a truth.  Actually, it felt more like I was gifted with a truth.  As I spoke, I felt "honest witness deep inside" agreed -- I felt a Presence, a chilling/warming, all-encompassing "yes, this is true" confirmation.  I don't usually feel that Presence unless I'm meditating.  It was startling and really awe-some to feel it while speaking from my heart.

On Nov 10, 2016 I hear you! wrote:

 Me too!  I have been experiencing much the same!  God provides for our needs.  Amen.  


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