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Why I Make Movies

On Nov 8, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 There is my truth, your truth and the Truth. My truth is subjective  as i perceive it and your truth is also subjective as you perceive it. The absolute truth is beyond the subjective lenses. Knowing that my truth is not absolute helps me not to close my sight to understand and appreciate the other person's truth. Remaining open to understand the other person's truth has widened my lenses and has enriched my mind and heart. 

The absolute truth has  intrinsic consistency. Whatever is born is bound to die. Everything that has form is going to vanish.Whatever is space and time bound comes and goes.The world caused by ego,  mine and thine, is like a veil covering the face of truth. When I experience the world unbound by  my ego, I feel intrinsic oneness with life everywhere. It is like a shift from somebody, to nobody to everybody. In such a state of unity consciousness, truth, love and bliss become one. Taking a mindful walk in nature, comforting a sad child, giving my hand to a handicapped person entering a medical building, attending to a client going through pain caused by cancer are a few blissful gifts that I receive that fill my heart with deep gratitude and joy.

May we keep our mind and heart open to receive and give the wonderful and graceful gifts of living!


Jagdish P Dave

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