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    On Nov 5, 2016 david doane wrote:

    Picasso supposedly said, "Art is a lie that tells the truth."  And Marcus Borg's statement that "The bible is true and some of it actually happened."  For me, I have my truth, which is relative truth, and don't know absolute truth -- maybe my relative truth coincides with absolute truth a little or a lot, but who knows.  I like the author's comment that half the time in a movie the screen is actually black.  The honest witness deep inside me tingled when I realized I had a right to express my truth, and when I realized that I have some power, and when I realized I'm loveable, and when I began appreciating us human beings as being manifestations in form of One Sacred Source and we are all one.  Those realizations had deep internal reverberations for me.  Manipulating reality and accepting reality are both part of living.  Some reality can be manipulated beneficially, such as a field can be tilled and a broken bone can be put back in place, and when it is done above board and honestly, not out of a hidden agenda or deceit, it is a positive action.  I also think there is reality to accept, such as that my feelings and behavior are mine and my responsibility, no one else's -- that is reality as far as I know -- and to accept it saves a lot of trouble, and to manipulate it creates a lot of problems.

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    On Nov 6, 2016 Amy wrote:


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