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    On Oct 30, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     The presence of the present is the only Reality, the Truth and nothing but the Truth, and not to get attached to what is not in the present moment is the core message of  the wisdom traditions. The challenge for me and for most of us is to stay fully in the present moment. When I bring the shadows form the past and the shadows of the future I disconnect myself with the flow of the present. It is relatively easy for me to flow in the river of the present when I give myself time to be still and remain awakened and aware of this ever presence of the present, I feel the fullness of the moment. It is non-conceptual, non-local and non-causal. I become the present. The I gets dissolved into the river of the eternal and universal flow of energy. This knowing and awareness has helped me to go through ups and downs with equanimity,peace, compassion and love. It has taken time for me to arrive at this place in my life. It is a blessing and I am deeply grateful to the teachers who have blessed me by showing the path.

    May we be blessed by the beings who guide us on the path of light and love!


    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Nov 3, 2016 me wrote:


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