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    On Oct 29, 2016 david doane wrote:

    I don't like the notion of living as though we were already dead.  We aren't dead.  We are living and dying at the same time.  Living and dying aren't dead.  Living and dying are the life we have.  I appreciate the impermanence of all that is, which means everything is always changing and nothing lasts, but impermanence doesn't mean we are already dead.  I don' live as though already dead.  I like to live alive.  Seeing life for how it is helps me see the impermanence of things.  Awareness that change is constant doesn't  result in indifference but results in passion for living.  I believe we are to live alive, with awareness that nothing is permanent and we are living and dying simultaneously which results in neither attachment to nor squandering of what is but in being present to and with what is.

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    On Nov 1, 2016 Frances wrote:

     David, thank you...your version is my version.  it carries the same truth and the same hope but without the negative perspective

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    On Nov 1, 2016 Annette wrote:

     Beautiful stated David and I agree with Francis.  Living as if we're dead takes away from living in the present and appreciating the life we have. 

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    On Nov 2, 2016 Bharat Chauhan wrote:

     When I first read I thought same way but was taken a little back!  Thought, I am being egoistic because I did not agree with interpretation of Thai master by author.  I did not see anywhere in master's explanation of glass to relate it as if we are dead!  How can I even think if I am behaving as if I am dead!  I totally agree with impermanence and non-attachment but it it needs life to experience presence, impermanence and non-attachment!
    Thank you all for expressing your views!  I would like to live ......

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