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    On Oct 25, 2016 Koriander wrote:

    I love this post, particularly because it's not about doing more or better, but tending to the little garden that is our field of reference. As I've grown "old", I've accepted that I've not become who I thought I was going to become; someone who made a difference to a lot of people. Or, perhaps it's more like, "I've not become someone who will ever be acknowledged in public ways."  Ah, that's different isn't it!  Either way, it doesn't matter.  It's not for me to decide how many people I will impact or whether I'll be recognized publicly or not.  It is only for me to be a good person for the person who is right in front of me; to be helpful for the situation right in front of me.  Whether it is for the "hungry ghosts" in the form of the baby boomer fashionistas I serve as a retail salesperson, or for a millennial co-worker who keeps diving into the closet to text, or for my ailing senior kitty who needs anti-seizure and chemo meds everyday, or the trade show vendor who needs two dollars for the parking lot "pay" box, I try to give my best in being a real human being for them.  Sometimes my best is to take shelter in silence rather than pretend I'm someone who I'm not.  Taking care of my three millimeters also means sitting in meditation every morning, eating more wholesome foods than not, walking to nurture my spirit, and not having an internal dialog with despondency when it comes to visit. 

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    On Oct 27, 2016 me three wrote:

     Very much appreciate you and this week's awakin!  Amen!  
    (All I care about is being recognized (seen) by my Father God! .... Why would any other audience be of importance?). Always love.

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