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    On Oct 7, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     If we equate time with money, then we are the losers. It is like putting myself in the ever-busy hands of time. So when I say I don't have time, I need to pause, be quiet for a moment to ask the question: Whose voice is this? When I realize that this is not my voice  I consciously distance myself from the "I don't have time" voice, I become free from my  own self and make the wise choice. Do I need to unnecessarily hurry or I can move slowly? Is it that important that I have got to do it right at this moment? What if I do not rush like crazy and take it easy?

    I have found the word "pause" very helpful. It helps me to reset my time button. After pausing and taking a few deep and long breaths, I make a wise choice. I jump if I need to jump. I run if I need to run.I know what I need to do. I know myself. I am not a work -shirker. I am a responsible person. As the author says, use discretion. Identify what is central and what is peripheral and then respond to the task accordingly. I do not like to be Type A Personality or Type B Personality. I want to  act like Type A person when  needed to move fast and act like Type B person when it is time to take it easy. The hyper or hypo cycles in my opinion are counter productive. We need to strike a  wholesome balance.

    May we take some time to see the real value of time, pause, breathe and make a wise choice!


    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Oct 12, 2016 AJ wrote:

     Amen, again!

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