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Reengineeing Our Patterns

On Oct 7, 2016 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 I relate very much to the feeling of needing to let go of the periphery and focus on the essentials. Feeling grateful that more days than not it is possible and only when I get caught up in life is it still a challenge. Two things truly helped in this process: spending time in other cultures where time was measured differently and where "success" was as well. Time expanded and days felt longer and not so rushed, perhaps this was due to rising with the sun and going to bed shortly after dark. The view of success was more about kindness to fellow humans and the quality of relationships rather than quantity of possessions. I've carried this into my every day life. It helps me to focus on what is truly important when I get caught up. Example, this week my book about my volunteer project came out. I felt both a sense of relief as it had been 10 years in the making from the start of the project to release of the book which details the journey and hopes to serve as a blueprint for others to take the leap. I also felt this rush of, "my goodness, I need to get it out everywhere right now!" I felt a sense of urgency and it was overwhelming as I was also caught up in other work commitments at the World Bank and in several other performing projects. Then I sat down on Wednesday and I just breathed, in and out over a cup of tea. And I let go of "right now" and I let go of urgency. I reminded myself it took 10 years to get to here, what is the difference of another few weeks at this point? What do I need to do right now today? What is truly necessary? What can I let go? I felt so much more at ease. That afternoon I even took a nap before performing that night and in the end the performance connected so much more deeply to the audience because I was fully present, and at peace in my heart and mind. Hope this helps! Hugs from my heart to yours!

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