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Becoming Free of Our Substitute Life

On Oct 6, 2016 madhur wrote:

 From our circle of sharing - This lady went to a spiritual program , where every time teacher asked a question, she would answer immediately. Later, when teacher discussed, her answer would change and she will put this new answer in the box. Thus for each question there will be multiple answers from her end. The teacher asked her to wait and watch multiple times but this exercise made her realize that she was over-confident of herself. She was able to become aware of her ego and now can say 'I probably don't know' with comfort.

Another story: We run away from being with ourselves , from pain, from facing our disturbance. This woman would always go out or be with people - avoid being with herself until one day, she chose to meditate during a difficult situation. She burst out crying loudly during the meditation but it melted the pain away and calmed her in a permanent way on that hurt. After that she chooses to be with herself during any pain, disturbance and that gives her a clear path to go forward. During death of a close family member, she chose to mourn for 4-5 days and that helped to clear the emotions such that the pain did not disturb her with the same intensity ever again - she was able to accept.

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