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Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy

On Sep 6, 2016 Shay wrote:

 Happiness all over my heart, i never believed that i could ever be happy like this with the love of my life, All thanks to God almighty for making this great man Dr otor for helping me and all thanks to the radio stations and televisions stations for making us to be aware of this great man. i have been in relationship with mac for 5 years until a day came when mac traveled to Austria for business, then when he came back his attitude towards me turned to a very bad and rude one,i was surprised,cause i never did anything wrong to him. then a day came when mac told me that he tired of the relationship that i should let him live his live the way he wants to, so i was surprised and was short of words, i never new mac has a girl friend in Austria, which he has been hiding from me for years,mac relocated to Austria without telling me, that was how mac left the USA and never bothered to call me nor text me, i was in pain for good 1 year and six months i never taught of any man cause i loved Marc with all my life, and i tried just to reach to see if i can be his second wife if he has already gotten married to another lady, i love him so much that every minutes he is always in my mind, so their was a day i was watching television and i saw a lady was testifying on how she got her lover back with the help of a man named Dr otor who has been helping a lot of people here in the USA, i was surprised cause i have never come across such thing before, so that was how i took Dr otor's contact immediately i gave him a call and told him my problem, he just laughed over it and told me not to worry about any thing that i shall have my man back to my arms within 24 hours, i was like ok, let me watch and see, so the next morning i got a call from somebody saying my love, i was like who is this i ended the call and the number called again surprisingly it was mac he was pleading crying on the phone that i should forgive him, i taught i was dreaming until i realized that is  not dreams, mac was crying, pleading and begging immediately a tears of joy rolled down from my eyes,is this real? so that was how i accepted him and now we are living happily together here the USA, and now am pregnant for him. all thanks and adoration be to Dr.OTOR for helping a lot, if you need his help you can contact him via 

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