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    On Sep 5, 2016 david doane wrote:

    I think in this passage reality is the Ground of Being, and reality is unattainable through goal-directed behavior, whatever that may be.  Goal directed behavior is a means to an end, and being attached to goal directed behavior gets in the way of pure being which unites us with the reality of the Ground of Being.  Reality is attainable in being purposeless in the moment.  I guess the closest I've come to simplicity beyond all inner and outer desires has been in moments of intimacy with nature or with another and in moments of meditation.  Attachment to desire is attachment.  'Reality' is attainable by letting go of desire and simply being.  As I see it, that is what the teachings that focus on being teach.  To attain 'reality' we must purposelessly be what the teachings are about and not be attached to any means.

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    On Sep 16, 2016 Amy wrote:

     This is expressed perfectly ... I so agree!

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