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The Highest Spiritual Path

On Aug 22, 2016 Pavol wrote:

your opinion of a Highest Spiritual Level is described in a first sentence of your article.
I am very happy to read expressions like this and you are absolutely true.
Sundays visits to church, talking about the Highest Truth and be a member of  the Wise Spiritual Groups do not equal to a spiritual level of a person.
The Life itself - every second every day - it is an opportunity to prove if I am a Holy man or not.
There are the tests every day and every night for every person, there are always the temptations for dishonesty.
The decisions is on the person - will I take an advantage or will I stay as a rock and follow the TRUTH.
There is NO Big or Whit lie - there is only WHITE or BLACK - the TRUTH is only one!
My name is Pavol and I have decided to follow the Truth. I am trying to do the right decision in every second in my life and it puts me on some spiritual level. Maybe, sometimes my decisions are not equal to the Highest TRUTH but I don't care about it. The point is that I always do the best to follow the Highest TRUTH, in every second of my life.

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