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    On Aug 18, 2016 luv4all wrote:

     What if we receive a comfortable, healthy life but no one to love us truly? Will we be happy will such a life?
    Many rich people fall in this category and keep wanting more fame, name, stuff etc. wondering how to get real happiness. Greed, over-ambition are as much sign of missing love in life as depression or stress. 

    Few centuries back, people were more content than today -- while they didnt have many of the technical progressive stuff and machines to comfort life. What was different ? They had each other; more often in deeper relations.

    I feel loving others is the most beautiful, wonderful thing I can do. It creates a loving , nourishing space which has the capacity to heal others and me. 

    Few years back i was assigned under a manager who was dominating the team to the extent to take away their rights given by the company. He was also more bothered about self-centric benefits than what is good for overall team or company. I raised a concern with seniors and meetings were being held to look into the matter. 
    Over a few days, I saw the manager extremely tense and worried. He was shouting at me at times. I was upset but in that moment, while responding to his email ; something else happened. 
    I could look at him as a person who spent years making his career, creating a goodwill and reaching a certain position in career. Though, some of his ways were wrong; yet the way of handling was becoming harsh from human angle. Hence, this email I wrote with more understanding and softness; realizing that this will prevent the case/me to be taken seriously any longer. 
    It happened and the manager got some levy, though i suffered from his behaviour itself. I am still content that in that one moment , I could let go of ego related victory and put humanity first.

    To practice gratitude, when I sit down to pray daily, i kneel on my knees and offer gratefulness for 3 things. It really helps to be consistent and feel grateful.

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    On Sep 4, 2016 smajson wrote:

     Sweet.  You know I read somewhere, " If you have a choice to either be kind or be right, choose kindness and you will always be right".  Thanks for sharing your experience.  

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